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12 Week Training Program

This program is split into a 2 week testing phase, an optional 1 week "rest/resensitization" phase, and 9+ weeks of training, using the most effective scientific and experience-based principles, adapted to your unique needs and the template can be reused forever (with the individual adjustments you will learn more about).

The Only Diet Template You Will Ever Need

Find the solution through specific strategies - eating foods you enjoy. Learn how you can lose fat without starving, or build muscle without force-feeding or getting fat in the process. You will learn both how to eat according to your own hunger and how to manage calories and macros for optimal results.

Supplement Guide

Confused about which supplements actually work? Then look no further. In this 24-page guide you will find a list of recommended supplements for sustainable fat loss, muscle growth, performance and energy enhancement.

"The SSD saved me from focusing too much on progress. What I love about the system is that’s easy to adjust to your own preferences, goals and body. Each cycle you gather a lot of knowledge about yourself, which is much more valuable than any study could provide. I already learned and experienced this myself in the last two years with various things in life, but you really took it to a whole new level. I’m a big fan of n=1. The resenzitation period feels like a breath of fresh air. It feels so great, especially when you see it as a crucial part of the program. Fantastic!! Borge and Abel, thank you for this awesome system! I can’t thank you enough and I’m very proud to be part of this community. "


Gain health & longevity

Say goodbye to micromanagement of you training and eating habits. Get the assistance you need to get in touch with your bodies own rhythm. 

Lose body fat

Without stressing yourself out in the process! The principle in this program will make it achievable and sustainable to lose body fat - also in the long run.

Build muscle mass

The SSD program will teach you how to gain muscle mass in the most time-efficient way - without complicated strategies. 

"I’ve known Borge Fagerli for 16 years now. In that time, he has never ceased to impress me with his mastery of the principles of training and muscle growth. He might be best known for creating the method known as Myo-Reps. This method has proven invaluable for many devoted lifters, whether just starting out, or with years of training under their belt. He is always quick to share both his knowledge and considerable experience to help people make new gains in mass and strength. The new training template he has created is just another example of the value he brings to the lifting community. I whole heartedly recommend it to anyone serious about building muscle."

Bryan Haycock, Ph.D.
Exercise Science Writer, Researcher, Founder of Hypertrophy-Specific Training


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- The SSD System: 4hrs of video lectures + summary documents on best practices for Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle/Habits

- A 12 Week Training Program + Lecture on Individual Adjustment of subsequent training cycles

- The Only Diet Template You Will Ever Need

- A Complete Supplement Guide

- Support & VIP group coaching - 1 month FREE 
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"With the Sustainable training system approach I am sitting here on a Saturday morning, been up since 4am without an alarm, slept for around 8-9 hours. I don’t even need an alarm for work anymore. I’m doing only 3-6 sets a week, and only train from Friday till Sunday and rest 4 days. I quit my old job who was just mind torture for me and I love my new one. I don’t care about volume or frequency anymore. I don’t care how much calories I eat. I know with this attitude I will be as muscular as I could be but I don’t care. I am happy again, I am happy with my life, I am happy to be me without a sixpack. I am satisfied with how muscular I am now. I am the happiest man alive! "

Chris Z

Meet the team

Børge Fagerli

Founder of Sustainable Self-Development System

Børge is known as one of the leading experts in the training field, both nationally and internationally. His passion is to help others maximize the training results in the shortest and less complicated way possible. He created the Norwegian training system called “Release your potential”, the nutritional model “The BioRhythm Diet” based on recent understandings of circadian rhythms, and “Myo-reps” – one the most time-efficient and effective training methods ever created. Børge is also the founder of MyRevolution, a manufacturer of sports nutrition and diet supplements.

Abel Csabai

Co-founder, host of Sustainable Self-Development podcast.

Abel got into the nutrition and training game as a part of my quest for personal growth. He soon developed a passion towards fitness, and started the Sustainable Self-Development podcast to contribute to the spreading of knowledge and good information in the field. Through hundreds of hours of podcasting and his own fitness journey, Abel got the chance to be mentored and educated by some of the best of the industry, including Borge Fagerli, and got his PT certification in 2016 under Menno Henselmans’ online PT course. Currently, his focus is showing people how they can build their best body without letting their fitness goals getting in the way of life enjoyment and Self-Development in other areas outside of training and nutrition.


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